Tiny seedlings in the ravine

    I will protect you.

        Walls to floor, rock to ground, cliff to earth,

            I will protect you.

                Above and below, and all around my arms will go,

                    and with the strength only a mother knows

                        I will protect you.

Tiny seedlings, though the dark clouds gather

    I will protect you.

        Vines above to cover I will grow —

            and rubble to dam either side I will throw

                and protect you

                    from a threat only I can know.

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Overly Prepared.

Overly Prepared.

Time Travel Tuesdays! Outkast - Roses

ARTIST: Tory Lanez

TRACK: Balenciagas

ARTIST: Michael Christmas

TRACK: Dr. Christmas, M.D. (Prod. by Cloud9 and James Maka)

ALBUM: Is This Art?

ARTIST: Cocaine 80s

TRACK: Queen to Be

ALBUM: Tilted

PLAYS: 159

James Brown - Mind Power





black people and vine
black people and social media
ignant as black people

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Big K.R.I.T. absolutely snapped on the industry and it’s figureheads (read: Kendrick, Drake).

Worth listening to again and again, as all his other releases are.


ARTIST: Super Eagles

TRACK: Love's A Real Thing

ALBUM: World Psychedelic Classics 3: Love's A Real Thing - The Funky Fuzzy Sounds Of West Africa



My senior thesis.

Harmony in Uncertainty, 2014.

Trees are ever-changing, adapting to their environment and circumstances. Each ring represents growth and it’s experiences. From these patterns you can tell whether or not the tree had enough resources to grow, if it withstood a storm, if it overcame a drought, if it grew with many trees, or if it grew alone. So much can be understood just by investigating the inner layers of a tree. In this same way, my experiences have created me and allowed me to adapt and grow as an individual. I have captured this journey in this self-portrait of experiences.

The fabric used in my piece is connected to the growth of a tree. Fabric is a large part of our everyday experience; it is a material we come in contact with daily. From the clothes that we put on in the mornings, to the blankets that keep us warm; fabric is there to act as another layer of ourselves, to reveal and/or conceal what we wish. Fabric dates back to around the 1850s, textiles even farther back to ancient times; fabric naturally holds a sense of history. In my piece I associate fabric with a feeling or memory that correlates with the time it represents. The fabric interwoven with confessional text reveals slivers of my past experiences, creating a mass that is symbolic of my personal journey.

Just as the redwoods have held resilient in the hardships of their environment and their experiences I too have overcome obstacles in my twenty-one years. Why should this next step be any harder? In reflecting upon my past I have strengthened my understanding of who I am and why I am in order to face my current questions and uncertainties about the present. Using my work as a vehicle through this introspection I have sought a form of guidance and clarity that informs the next step of my growth that is my future.

I only cop the dopest of tracks…

I only cop the dopest of tracks…

I ain’t giving a fuck ya BISH…

I ain’t giving a fuck ya BISH…

ARTIST: Dex Kwasi

TRACK: A.$.S. Drop / In Kenya in Kenya

ALBUM: A.$.S : African $Ex Symbol